Digital Forensics

Private Investigations

Our Unique Advantage into Any Investigation

Metadata Forensics, LLC proudly introduces a new service for our current and potential clients in addition to our digital forensic examinations and investigations.

Our private investigative team applies their knowledge, skill and certification in the field of digital forensics to provide a unique advantage for our clients with any investigation into the following matters:

~Child Custody
~Missing Persons
~Insurance Fraud
~Workman's Comp Investigations
~Undercover Operations
~GPS Tracking
~Background Investigations
~Criminal Investigations
~Document Searches

All administered services are completely confidential. We know that each case is unique and will need to be approached in various ways. Therefore, each case will be tailored to the individual needs of the client.

We currently service all of Virginia and can follow any investigation out of the state if required (Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Tennessee).