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A Highly Trained and Reliable Digital Forensics Solutions Provider

Find and access data more effectively with help from Metadata Forensics, LLC. We are a consulting firm that conducts digital forensic examinations and computer crime investigations for Criminal Defense Lawyers, Prosecutors, Litigators and Corporations.

Leading our team is Patrick Eller; CEO and Principal consultant with an extensive background in consulting and training. Patrick proudly served his country for 20 years in the United States Army, where he was law enforcement and actively pursued the qualifications to enhance his knowledge in the digital forensics field and become a front runner in his profession. Patrick actively teaches for multiple institutions at the undergraduate and graduate level. Patrick has given keynote speeches and training seminars across the globe on various topics in digital forensics; with one goal in mind which is provide the knowledge needed to further develop and solve investigations.

Digital Forensic Examiner, Dean Boyer, joined the team in January 2022. Dean comes to us with 20+ years of experience and most recently he was a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Integrated ICE Unit. Prior to this he was a Digital Forensic Analyst at the Houston Forensic Science Center. Dean has a Masters in Science from the University College of Dublin in the field of Computer and Cybercrime Investigations. Dean also holds various certifications in the field of digital forensics.

Patrick Education
  • Military Police Basic/Advanced Individual Training (AIT) Course 1999
  • Military Police Investigations Course 2002
  • Customs Investigator Course 2005
  • Apprentice Special Agent Course 2007
  • Introduction to Computer Search and Seizure 2007
  • Introduction to Networks and Computer Hardware 2007
  • Computer Incident Responders Course 2008
  • Window Forensic Examinations – EnCase 2008
  • Forensics and Intrusions in a Windows Environment 2010
  • Managing Computer Crime Units 2010
  • Advanced Forensic Concepts 2011
  • United States Army Criminal Investigation Command (USACIDC) Digital Forensic Examiner Conference 2011
  • USACIDC Digital Forensic Examiner Conference 2012
  • Advanced Digital Forensic Techniques at The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) 2012
  • Mobile Device Triage Training 2012
  • USACIDC Digital Forensic Examiner Conference 2013
  • ICACCOPS Advanced P2P Training 2013
  • USACIDC Digital Forensic Examiner Conference 2014
  • IACIS BCFE Course 2014
  • USACIDC Digital Forensic Examiner Conference 2015
  • Internet Evidence Finder Certification 2015
  • Vehicle Forensics Certification 2015
  • Internet Crimes Against Children National Conference 2016
  • USACIDC Digital Forensic Examiner Conference 2016
  • International Homicide Investigation Symposium 2016
  • Magnet Forensics Axiom Certification Course 2017
  • Internet Crimes Against Children National Conference 2017
  • International Homicide Investigation Symposium 2017
  • Cellebrite-Certified Logical Operator Course 2017
  • Cellebrite-Certified Physical Analyst Course 2017
  • Teel Tech Advanced Mobile Device Boot Loader 2018
  • Cellebrite-Certified Operator Course 2019
  • Cellebrite-Certified Physical Analyst Course 2019
  • SANS FOR585 Smartphone Forensic Analysis In-Depth 2019
  • SANS SEC504 Hacker Tools, Techniques, Exploits and Incident Handling 2020
Civilian Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice 2009
  • Troy University, AL
  • Masters of Science Digital Forensics/Cyber Investigations 2015
  • UMUC, MD
Military Professional Development Education
  • Primary Leadership Development Course 2004
  • Basic Noncommissioned Officer Course 2008
  • Warrant Officer Candidate School 2009
  • Warrant Officer Basic Course 2009
  • Warrant Officer Advanced Course 2013
Skills and Qualifications
  • Successful Completion or Senior Supervision of More 100 Digital Forensic Examinations
  • Named 2010–2011 USACIDC Digital Forensic Examiner of the Year
  • Developed and Managed a Computer Forensic Section in a Deployed Environment
  • Successfully Prosecuted Multiple Cases via Military and Federal Justice Systems
  • Selected As the USACIDC Command Digital Forensic Examiner
  • Have Presented on Digital Forensic Topics Around the Globe 
Professional Affiliations
  • Member of the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Forensic Science 
  • Member of the International Homicide Investigation Association
  • Member of CTIN
  • Commissioner for the Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission 
  • Department of Defense Certified Digital Media Collector
  • Department of Defense Certified Digital Forensic Examiner
  • Department of Defense Certified Computer Crimes Investigator

Certifications Explained

Department of Defense Certified Digital Forensic Examiner

These are personnel for whom examination or analysis of digital media are major components of their routine duties. Requirements include successful completion or test out for the Introduction to Networks and Computer Hardware, the Computer Incident Responders Course, and Windows Forensic Examinations.

Department of Defense Certified Computer Crimes Investigator

These are credentialed law enforcement or counterintelligence personnel who investigate all elements of computer crime to include examination and analysis of digital evidence.

Teaching Experience

Adjunct Professor for Champlain College, Burlington, VT, in the Field of Digital Forensics and Cyber Security (Currently Teaching in the Undergraduate and Graduate Level Programs)

2018 - Present - Digital Forensic Topics Instructor at the National Forensics Academy at the University of Tennessee.  

2017 – Digital Topics Instructor at the International Homicide Investigators Association Symposium

2017 – Digital Topics Instructor at the International Homicide Investigators Association (Southern Regional Basic Homicide Course)

2015 – 2019 – Digital Forensic Expert Witness Instructor for the Intermediate Trial Advocacy Course and Special Victims Counsel Course in the US Army’s The Judge Advocate General’s Legal Center and School (Charlottesville, VA)

2015 – 2019 – Computer Crimes Instructor for the USACIDC Basic Special Agent Course, Which Provides New Special Agents With 24 Hours of Introduction to Computer Search and Seizure Training and Eight Hours of Mobile Device Triage Training (Cellebrite)

2013– Present – Instructor for the Special Victims Course at the US Army Military Police School (USAMPS), Which Provides Three Hours of Using Digital Evidence and Techniques for Corroboration in Cases

2013 – 2017 – Instructor for the USACIDC Forensic Science Technician Program Which Provides Eight Hours of Digital Evidence Identification and Collection Best Practices Training

2013 – 2015 – Instructor for the USACIDC Special Agent in Charge Course, Which Provides Eight Hours of Understanding Digital Forensics Training to New Supervisors

2012 – Developed and Implemented a Basic Criminal Investigation Program for the Afghan National Police and Afghan Army Criminal Investigators

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